What about the innocent baby whose mother is a British Subject?

What about the innocent baby whose mother is a British Subject?

Yesterday, I read a short article by Laura Perrins entitled ‘ Why risk our soldiers’ lives to save a girl who’d have been happy to see their heads cut off?’


Ms. Begum was a minor when she left her country of birth, a British subject who happened to be a child, who for some reason went to Syria. She supposedly got married and tried to start a family with a husband at least 10 years her senior, who is supposedly a member of ‘ISIS’.

What crimes has Ms Begum committed so far?

If a pregnant Ms Begum managed to get to Heathrow Airport, Ms Perrins would probably ‘let her in’, she would then snatch away Ms Begum’s baby and put the baby ‘in care’, and then she would look to prosecute Ms Begum for ‘whatever offences were available’.

After Ms Begum has her baby snatched away at the London airport, and has been prosecuted for ‘whatever offences were available’ she would then, according to Ms Perrins, be entitled to ‘due process’ and Ms Begum would be found guilty of ‘whatever offences were available’ with her ‘youthful idiocy’ taken into account upon sentence’.

Ms Perrins then speculates that Ms Begum takes pleasure in watching people being beheaded.

Ms Perrins also writes it is morally wrong, morally bankrupt and irresponsible for anyone to expect that a British government assist a British subject who is in fear for the life of her unborn baby. And apparently, it is morally evil to be in favour of British soldiers assisting a pregnant British subject who is terrified her baby is going to die, which is reasonable considering Ms Begum’s first two children are dead.

Taking into account the other articles I have read, Ms Begum is a very confused 19-year-old British subject who seems willing to risk being imprisoned and having her baby snatched away by social services if she returns to her place of birth.

It also seems to me that the teenager has her unborn child’s best interests at heart and that the tiny unborn baby is potentially going to be the biggest victim in all of this.

Two things I am sure of:

Firstly, whatever crimes Ms Begum is being accused of, she is innocent until proven guilty.

Secondly, the unborn baby is innocent. And will be facing no criminal charges wherever she or he might be born and doomed to die.

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