Luncheon break scribble: Viagra on my mind.

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I have ‘Viagra’ on my mind.

The reason for this is because my blog is currently being peppered with ‘spam’, the ‘spammer’ is very keen on me visiting a Canadian pharmacy website that sells a wide array of drugs, but the pills that the user/bot, who goes by the name ‘Rannevvog’,  really wants to advertise is viagra, or do they? 

Could this actually be some kind of concerned person who is trying to encourage me to do some research about the murky world erectile dysfunction drugs?   It seems highly doubtful to me, but  it might be the seed to a short story I’m thinking about writing. 

Here are a few examples of the dozens of comments that have been making the spam box in recent days:

‘Sample viagra coupons’, ‘only for you is in Canada’, ‘Achater viagra’, ‘teachers union viagra’, ‘only now 50mg viagra UK cheap’, ‘price of viagra in Cozumel’,  ‘Wheretogetviagra’, ‘viagra sicher online kaufen’, ‘buy maestro viagra,’ ‘viagra from Indian company’, ‘try it generic viagra Mexico’, ‘viagra young people’, ‘viagra online .ua’, ‘something better than viagra’, ‘buy viagra 25mg tablets’, ‘I recommend rx online viagra’.

Over 100 comments have been received about this supposed remedy for ‘ED’.

I didn’t pay much mind to these spammy comments that automatically find themselves in the spam, until the latest one- ‘viagra overdose 200mg’.

Some recent headlines about Viagra that I have quickly found, aided by my favoured search engine :

 May 31st, ‘A quarter of a million tablets of Viagra and other drugs seized from Gateshead properties’.

May 21st, ‘French mayor offers ‘free Viagra to boost local birth rate and save school’,

May 22nd, ‘Men are paying sixfold markups to feel cool about buying generic viagra.’

May 7th, ‘The NHS verdict on whether Viagra-type medication could help treat heart problems’.

May 3st, ‘Inspectors criticise patient information in Viagra baby growth trial’.


May 10th, ‘With little desire for ‘female Viagra,’ company tries feminist message to sell $400-a-month drug’,

May 31st, ‘The drugs with the biggest price hikes don’t treat depression or diabetes – they’re for erectile dysfunction.’

October 9th, 2018 ‘I take medication for depression, hair loss, and erectile dysfunction, and there’s nothing shameful about that’.

June 3rd, ‘Five things for pharma marketers to know: Monday, June 3, 2019’ –    

March 21st, ‘The man who co-invented Viagra is now developing cannabis products so women can have better sex.’

May 21st, ‘ “very Survival of the Sport at Risk”: HBO’s “Real Sports” examines Horse Racing Fatalities’.

There may very well have been something in the water in the 1950s and 1960s, but there is definitely something in the water now!

I lament to think what men and women, who regularly go to their local fitness warehouses, have got swimming through their veins and brains. Cannabis, Steroids, Antidepressants, Opiates, Caffeine, Viagra, Contraceptive pills, dubious ‘health supplements’, God knows what else.  I also dread to think what we all are exposing ourselves to on a daily basis.

Any future spammy commments will be published, minus any weblinks.


Office clerk.

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