I’m No Good


I’m No Good

by Broadhurst (RBM)

The first of a small, sinister collection of songs, which will fall under the title “Northern Quarter Massacre” …

Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh,


Going round the houses,

Stumbling in darkened streets,

I don’t want to go home to sleep tonight

Because it is too lonely between the sheets.


We’ve spent the sweetest of times together,

We make quite the pair

But I can tell by the way that you’ve been ignoring me lately

That you don’t really care.


So why do I keep on trying

To convince you our love can last?

Love had turned me into a nomad,

But I’m going nowhere fast.


And When I’m out with friends

I put on my brave face

But I’m they can see right through

My happy-go-lucky  demeanour that’s hiding the tears I’m crying for you


Hot or cold, baby,

I’d take the best and worst of you.

You don’t need to be kind because my love is blind,

I can’t Hyde my Jekyll for you.


And if Cupid is listening to this,

And if he has got a spare arrow.

I hope he’ll help me pierce and soften your swinging brick of a heart

‘Cause I’m no good

With a bow, bow, bow, bow.

Office clerk.

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