The Late 70s and the Early 80s Revisted

November 10th, 2014

The other day I made a Youtube Playlist and posted it on Facebook..

It received one solitary  , which is one more thumbs up than most of the playlists I post…

Here it is..

Playlist of oddities. 1978-1982

15 songs, 51 minutes.

SIMPLE MINDS – film theme (1979)
THE RESIDENTS – the new hymn (recessional) (1982)
MEKANIK KOMMANDO – money for pleasure (1981)
MARQUIS DE SADE – skin disease (1979)
THE RAYBEATS – tone zone (1981)
SECOND LAYER – save our souls (1981)
BUSH TETRAS – too many creeps (1980)
RENALDO & THE LOAF – brittle people (1979)
POSITIVE NOISE – hypnosis (1981)
WIRE – our swimmer (1981)
NASMAK – nothing but the lyrics (1982)
BUSH TETRAS – things that go boom in the night (1981)
THE LINES – blow a kiss (1981)
CHROME – meet you in the subway (1979)
SPHERICAL OBJECTS – the knot (1978)


I would not be able to make enjoyable playlists like this if it wasn’t for the dedicated music geeks who upload brilliant songs on Youtube.

On this occasion 14 of the 15 songs on the playlist I compiled have been uploaded by the youtube user  SeagreenSerenade

This is how SeagreenSerenade describes  his or her Youtube channel:


I Love  SeagreenSerenades channel so much!!

I can testify that it is well worth spending at least a few hours of your free time enjoying SeagreenSerenades channel…

The channel is full of uploaded oddities and rarities, especially from the punk and post punk era  …  

It is full of surprises and lost treasure.  Don’t just take my word for it though!!  … 

click —->here<—- to visit this most wonderful Youtube Channel